Our pricing We not only try to be as good as possible also we would like to offer you our service for an exceedingly fair price. As you can ascertain, we must avoid no comparison. Convince yourself.
!!! All prices include 9% government tax !!!

Guided Dives

House reef Sun Reef 41 USD
Night dive 55 USD
Fluo-Dive (Black light) 75 USD
Wreck dive (MS Superior Producer) 53 USD
BioRock-Dive 67 USD

Dive package unguided incl. tank, filling and weights

3 days NON-Limit 113 USD
4 days NON-Limit 144 USD
5 days NON-Limit 169 USD
6 days NON-Limit 191 USD

Dive package Nitrox unguided incl. tank 32%, filling and weights

3 Tage NON-Limit 158 USD
4 Tage NON-Limit 204 USD
5 Tage NON-Limit 244 USD
6 Tage NON-Limit 281 USD

Guided shore dives incl. tank, filling and weights

1 dive 49 USD
2 dive (1x 2 tank-dive) 89 USD
4 dive (2x 2 tank-dive) 174 USD
6 dive (3x 2 tank-dive) 258 USD
8 dive (4x 2 tank-dive) 340 USD
10 dive (5x 2 tank-dive) 415 USD
12 dive (6x 2 tank-dive) 492 USD

Dive equipment per day

Full set (Regulator, BCD, 3mm shorty, mask, fins and Snorkel) 32 USD
Regulator 11 USD
Wetsuit Shorty 3 mm 11 USD
Snorkel set (Mask, snorkel and fins) 14 USD
Weights including belt 4 USD
Torch 11 USD
Computer 11 USD
Lionfish hunt equipment 0 USD

Diving courses PADI Standard

PADI Bubbelmaker 76 USD
PADI Discover Scuba Diving 76 USD
Scuba Review 64 USD
PADI Open Water Diver 433 USD
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver 355 USD
PADI Rescue Diver 375 USD

PADI Specialty Courses

PADI Enriched Air Diver 128 USD
Padi Deep Diver 228 USD
Padi Wreck Diver 228 USD
Padi Night Diver 174 USD
Padi Digital Underwaterphotographer 169 USD

Car rental
Including airport transfer

Auto (Kia Picanto or similar) 49 USD/Day
Pickup (Mitsubishi L200 or similar) 58 USD/Day



All prices are valid till 31.12.2021 including 9% tax

The prices on the homepage are only valid for bookings in advanced and bank transfer.
On-site you’ll have to pay cash either in US Dollar or Guilders according to the pricelist in the Dive center.

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